Beautifully arched eyebrows, make-up which focuses and highlights all of your positive features, hair that just suits that wonderful, flowing dress and nails which are subtle, shiny and moist.  This is a happy, beautiful bride which is the product of Salon Success.

We offer you a full Bridal Party package.  We also provide services for all of the Grooms Men and the Groom.  

Memories of your Wedding Day….Anniversary Packages

Rekindle the excitement, the energy, the happiness of your Wedding Day with a wonderful Anniversary Package from Salon Success.  We bring the party back to life.  Your Bridesmaids and you get to chit chat, laugh, and enjoy chilled Beaujolais in the soothing wonderful atmosphere of Salon Success.

The day begins with a soothing Tea Tree Experience at the Shampoo Sink.  Then we progress to the Treatment Room where, while your hair is being treated, so are your hands and feet.  A relaxing Facial Massage follows this as you relax and remember….

When you leave Salon Success your hair is beautifully done, your face is relaxed and calm and your nails show grace and style.

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