Grenada Carnival 2014 / by Margaret Fletcher Julien

Grenada Carnival 2014

Grenada Carnival by Salon Success Grenada

Grenada Carnival is a unique time of year in Grenada. Visitors and locals alike enjoy the Grenada Carnival Festivals, parties and events. At Salon Success, this is the time of year (apart from Christmas) when most of our international clients visit us. We like to present to this public a very high standard of hair and beauty care due to the fact that these clients usually get their beauty services at international businesses. 

Grenada Carnival therefore acts as inpiration for us to bring out a host of new services and products for our clientele. It means Grenada Carnival promotions from Salon Success, it means Grenada Carnival music in the Salon and above all it means a celebration of the Grenada Carnival spirit at our small business. We love to share this spirit with offering clients combination promotions with low prices and the highest quality. This means they remember us and refer us to their friends. 

Grenada Carnival 2013 Promotions by Salon Success

One of the main reasons we offer such great promotions at Carnival time is to give back to our clients. By giving back, our online and offline marketing campaigns are solidified by word-of-mouth promotions. This means that our return on investment in marketing is higher and client visits are high. Grenada Carnival is an expression of freedom and celebration and represents the culture and history of Grenada. We offer the traditional services at this time but also focus on 'Natural Hair' which is becoming more amd more of a cultural phenomenon worldwide. Our products are also made for those who wish to keep their hair 'Natural' during Grenada Carnival. Visit us at Salon Success for a complimentary consultation on your Natural Hair. 

Grenada Carnival: Experience the parties and community

In Grenada, Carnival means a lot of events and parties. Showcase your beauty at the parties and events with a trip to Salon Success. We offer you the opportunity to experience a locally, regionally and internationally renowned hair salon at affordable rates. Contact us for your Grenada Carnival Beauty makeover. Phone 473-435-3423 or email us at