The Personal Care Center 


The Spa Pedicure

You are greeted with a warm friendly smile by a beautifully and professionally attired Nail Expert as you enter Salon Success to experience the best Spa Pedicure you have ever had.  You are offered a glass of refreshing herbal ice cold tea.  The leaves of these herbs have been recently plucked fresh from the Lemon Grass tree to you.

A thorough analysis is done before the service begins and this is recorded for future reference.  The soles of your feet are exfoliated in preparation for your first massage which is performed with the acid juice of specific fruit.  After this preparation which opens your pores and stimulates your blood circulation the warm, Tea Tree Oil Bath water, is ready for your 15 minute feet soaking.

As you soak, cuticle softening preparations and callous removal creams are applied to your feet.  This is followed by thorough and gentle scrubbing of the soles of the feet and the removal of any excess skin from around the nails.  Your second Massage is done with creams and oils specifically prepared to suit the needs of your skin.  The final touch: nails shaped, buffed and your choice of polish.

The finish of this luxurious service is beautifully shaped and polished nails, smooth feet and a feeling of total peace and happiness.

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