Our Shampoo & Set service allows you to care for your hair on a weekly basis. We call it 'micro hair care' as any changes your body is experiencing is compensated with a change in product line




Have you ever been so relaxed that you fell asleep? 

This is what often happens at the shampoo sink at Salon Success.  The fragrance of some of the shampoos coupled with the expert massage technique of our Shampoo Therapist makes a shampoo at salon success an amazing experience.

After a shampoo service at Salon Success your scalp feels energized and your hair is tangle free, shiny and soft.  The right shampoo for the specific hair and scalp needs is what we prescribe and use.

New for 2019-2020

Almost everyone, at one time or another, shampoos their own hair.  During 2019 Salon Success is hosting Monthly Seminars, open to the public, on The Art of Shampooing.


Less is more.  We have all heard this and the saying truly explains the value of the condition service.  What this means is that we should begin with a little conditioner and then add as is necessary.  Soothing, Smoothing and Sealing all apply when the correct conditioner is used.

Fine hair needs weight-less conditioners.  Damaged hair needs strengthening conditioners.  Unmanageable hair needs moisturizing conditioners with weight.  The results on hair when the right conditioner is used makes hair look, feel and behave perfectly.

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