Welcome to our September Newsletter,

In this edition I introduce you, our valued clients and new guests, to two new professional brands which provide solutions to your specific hair treatment needs. These are the first new professional lines in a series of upcoming introductions of new hair products, including consumer products, which I have selected for distribution in Grenada and our markets within the Caribbean region. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish our local and international students in Grenada a successful school year. As you embark on this journey we at Salon Success are here to provide you with the highest quality products and services at new student rates.

At Salon Success we offer you complimentary consultations based on over 40 years’ experience in the Beauty Industry

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Changes in the Beauty Industry

The Hair Industry is constantly evolving.  It is exciting to learn and keep abreast of changing trends in the Industry.  Salon Success Ltd. Is proud to offer you four new treatments from two of our new brands under the Success Beauty Group Ltd. portfolio.  If you look carefully at the Hair section of any of the top fashion magazines you are sure to read about the following treatments which are now available in New York, London and in Grenada at Salon Success Ltd.  


Rocco Donna is a treatment which lasts for one month.  The hair shaft is treated to restructure and rebuild damaged cuticle scales and strengthen bonds.  After the treatment the hair is shiny, smooth, soft and silky, dries in ½ the time and is full of body.


Tech Italy is the number one Hair Treatment manufacturer in Europe.  This company has perfected a scalp treatment to eliminate itching and to improve the circulation of the scalp.


This is a new Hair Treatment for severely damaged hair.  The process is simple and effective and the treatment if left on the hair for a minimum of seven days for best results.


This Treatment which is put on the hair before any chemical treatment acts as secure protection against the damaging effects of any chemical services.

After having the Rocco Donna Treatment Ingrid Bell called in to say:

I am leaving for England and would really like to continue this treatment. It is amazing, without a chemical to straighten my hair, my hair remained straight and without frizz for an entire week. I will come back to Grenada, at least once a year, just to enjoy the ambiance and service of Salon Success

We put Ingrid’s hairdresser in England in touch with the manufacturer and we wish Ingrid and her hairdresser in the UK great success!

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Personal Preferences

Do you wear your hair in a ponytail or other “pulled back”style but find that you have problems with a frizzy hairline?  Try using The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell or Tea Tree Shaping Cream also by Paul Mitchell.  Your frizzy hair challenges will disappear! 

These products do the job and give hair moisture and shine without the drying effects of jells or other products which contain alcohol  

Simply apply The Conditioner or Tea Tree Shaping Cream, at the hairline area, to wet or dry hair. 

Your hair at the hairline will stay moist, smooth and in place!

What’s HOT at Salon Success?

We are the only Beauty Salon, in Grenada, where you can have your hair Blow Dried in a luxurious setting among beautiful tall palm trees and luscious ferns of many varieties!

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