This is indeed a wonderful achievement. Each month look forward to The Salon Success Newsletter.

I am pleasantly surprised at the volume of prospects for my businesses in 2013 and I would like to thank those persons, across the Caribbean, who have taken the time and expense to call in to me. We are in Business today because of You. Thank You!

As Managing Director of the Success Beauty Group I would like to welcome all of our readers across the Caribbean and the World to our first Newsletter. My career continues to grow after forty three years of work and I hope to share my experiences in my monthly Newsletter to you. 

The challenges of 2013 have inspired me to create and effectively utilize new marketing channels and strategies and to rely on sound financial advice and business acumen to develop a sustaining and progressive business vision for the years to come. I hope you enjoy the Newsletter!


Margaret Fletcher-Julien


Salon Success Grenada W.I.



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Grenada Salon Education Update 

I will be away from June 25th to July 5th attending Refresher Courses given by John Paul Mitchell Systems, at Paul Mitchell the School, in Orlando Florida and at the Defabulous Headquarters in Miami Florida. 

When I return I will be conducting In House Training for my staff and Monthly Educational Seminars for Salon Owners and their Staff. Giving back is fundamental to the progress of any Organization.

Contact us at 473-435-3423 to book your place at our upcoming Workshops. 

Visit http://www.spiceislebeautyinstitute.com for all information relating to your local upcoming training courses and distributorship offers.

See our SpiceIsle Beauty Institute Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkeXaCuaewQ



Grenada Staff Progress


I assess my staff through monthly evaluations, training assessments and weekly meetings.

Having many years of education from 23 global Institutions in the USA, Europe and Canada and management experience of 21 small to medium sized businesses and projects globally, I am pleased to be sharing expertise with my community in Grenada and the Caribbean region.

Portia, Bessie Ann, and Andrea make up the Team at Salon Success. Each Team Member is an asset to our Organization. I have evaluated and seen tremendous growth in my staff’s natural talents including Portia’s People Skills, Bessie Ann’s Technical Skills and Andrea’s Customer Management Skills. 

I look forward to sharing more with you in July on our Team’s journey. 


June Promotions @ Salon Success Grenada


June is the Month of Graduations, Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthdays. Give us a call at 473-435-3423 and let us know what service YOU would like to have and we’ll prepare a promotional package for you to enjoy your special occasion.

We also have promotions for everyone else! Including:

Our Cysteine Complex (Curls are taking the World by storm!) Promotion and our Ginger Sensation package for Men. Call us at 473-435-3423 for details.

See our Ginger Sensation Video here:


de Fabulous acai mist keratin stengthening spray

de Fabulous acai mist keratin stengthening spray


Matching Texture and Condition to Brand


During my travels for technical, business and cultural training I’ve learnt an important lesson:
Match the texture and the hair’s condition to the Brand
This is why Salon Success carries the World’s premier Brands, each with specific formulations for your hair. Only Certified Professionals in the Caribbean are authorized to apply the chemically advanced products within the Defabulous line. Our retailers also provide you with Defabulous customer product lines which are of the highest quality.
Ever heard of The Amazon Series?  This is a line of Hair Spa Products which Nourish, Revitalize, Strengthen and Moisturize your Hair.

See our Amazon Series Clip:



In this issue we will tell you about the wonders of The Amazon Strengthening Leave in Treatment.  A “Leave In” Condition or Treatment is one which stays in the hair from one shampoo to the next.

The Amazon Series Strengthening Leave in Hair Treatment is recommended for fine to medium textured hair which is damaged and breaking.  This is a light-weight spray which can be used daily or as recommended. The ingredients are 20% Herbal Protein with Moisturizing extracts from Acai.

This is an amazing Treatment which I guarantee will transform hair to become stronger and perfectly moisturized.

Call us at 473-435-3423 



Nail Care Update


Nail colors are becoming more varied and vibrant.

The Color of the Month at Salon Success is Purple. We use Purple in our Gel Nail Formula which has its corresponding “sister” purple in the regular Nail Polish formula. 

This product gives you a good life span of three weeks with no chipping. Call us at 473-435-3423 or visit http://www.salonsuccessgrenada.com to book a complimentary consultation where you can see the results yourself. 





Our Nail Cuticles are Nature’s way of protecting our nails. Moisture is key to nourished Nail Cuticles. A simple mixture of Tea Tree Oil with a little Petroleum Jelly applied to the cuticles of your hands and feet on a nightly basis will make all the difference!

Pure Tea Tree Oil by Paul Mitchell is available at Salon Success - 435-3423



Wonderous June Nails

During the Month of June if you book in advance for a Nail Service on Monday from 1pm-3.30pm you can get your Manicure or Pedicure at 20% off. 

Your Manicure becomes $32.00 instead of $40.00 and your Pedicure $ 48.00 instead of $60.00!

Call us at 473-435-3423  to book your appointment.
See our newest video for Nails:






Waxing services at Salon Success Grenada

Waxing services at Salon Success Grenada


Gently Does it...Waxing 


If performed with the technique of “stretching” the skin and using wax which is “gentle” in its formulation, waxing facial hair can be without pain.At Salon Success we use the gentlest type of Hair Removal Wax known.This wax is made for sensitive skin. 




After having your brows waxed, it is important the keep the skin around the eyes soothed and moisture filled.

One effective method is to wrap ice in a thin cloth, like gauze, and rotate the ice around the eyes. 

Call us at 473-435-3423 to book a complimentary consultation where you can see the results yourself. 


Lip Care 

Very early in life we begin to get small “laughter lines” around the sides of our mouth. One way to keep the skin on our lips and around our lips taut is to massage them gently in an upward and outward movement. This becomes a circular movement as we perform the massage.  Perform this massage gently, with your Moisturizing Skin Cream, or with a tiny bit of Petroleum Jelly. At night use a tiny bit of Petroleum Jelly on the actual lips.



Did You Know? 

Do you know that Jenny makes the most wonderful Sorbet using all LOCAL FRUIT?…Contact Jenny @ 473 443 5078


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