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Perms and Conditioners

Permanent Wave

Salon Success understands that Fashion is fickle.  Clients with straight hair want curly hair; clients with curly hair want straight hair.  This is why we offer three different types of Permanent Wave Solutions.

We can create beautiful curls on bleached or color treated hair by using the Permanent Wave product for this type of hair.

Is your hair difficult to take a curl?  Salon Success has the answer and assures you of beautifully curled hair because we have the right product to give you this option.

A New way to relax your curl

Salon Success is on the cutting edge of new technology in the Beauty Industry.  We can offer you four different Curl Reducing Treatments which improve the condition of your hair by closing your cuticle scales and reducing Frizz.

Cysteine Complex

Want to keep your hair natural and still be able to wear it straight?  Salon Success can make this happen for you with the Cysteine Complex Treatment.


Do you relax and colour your hair and want to wear it sleek and straight without damaging your hair by over use of Flat Irons?  Salon Success will make this possible by giving you a Remedy Treatment.


You have naturally wavy hair, which you like, but the frizz is killing you?  Kerafusion is the answer to your dilemma.  Salon Success will make your hair behave exactly as you want it to.

Hair Beautox

This product will protect your hair, moisturize it, strengthen it, protect it and preserve your hair color and eliminate all frizzes from your hair.

Salon Success introduces this amazing new product with confidence.  The only way to really appreciate what this product can do for your hair is to experience it. 

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