Welcome to our November Newsletter,

As Christmas fast approaches this edition is the first in a two-part Newsletter dedicated to preparing you for the most important Holiday Season of the year. We believe in early preparation because this is the first step in looking your best for family and friends from home and abroad. At Salon Success this means we are offering you the opportunity to take advantage of our NEW gift certificates to treat your friends and family to only the best in expert hair care!

In addition, giving a gift which is useful and lovely is going to make giving worthwhile. We at Salon Success are going to help you to do this by providing you withPromotional Gift Bundles. Some of these packages include The Tea Tree Experience, The Mizani Natural Hair Delight, The Macadamia Luxury Oil Experience and The Take Care of your Color Collection. All of these discounted promotional Gift Packages are available from November!

At Salon Success we offer you complimentary consultations based on over 40 years’ experience in the Beauty Industry

We look forward to seeing you at Salon Success!



Staff News


At Salon Success we now have a Natural Hair Bar! 

The cleansing of Natural Hair is specific to Natural Hair and we have effective and specific conditioning and home care maintenance packages for you to take advantage of this fast growing global revolution

At our new Natural Hair Bar:

  • We take care of your Locks, Twists and Afros 
  • We formulate specific Hair Color Formulas and Hair & Scalp Treatments
  • We use a unique combination of Natural Oils to effectively moisturize and nourish Natural Hair

 Rachida Williams is our Natural Hair expert at Salon Success. Call us at 435-3423 for a complimentary consultation on how you can treat your natural hair with love or transition to a beautiful new head of Natural Hair!

Changes in the Beauty Industry

In the southern Caribbean we rarely experience any distinct changes in seasons. This is not to say we don't follow the trends of our Northern neighbors. During the last three months and the first three months of each year there are distinct changes in hair color trends in North America. Hair color trends change from lighter options to darker options. Often, these trends find their way to the Caribbean.

Face framing highlights of rich caramel, bronze and chocolate brown shafts are now popular in North America and we invite those of our clients who treasure these changes to experience them right at home at Salon Success. 

Give us a call at 435-3423 to find out more about how you can enjoy the transitional modern glamour of the North American market today!

Personal Preferences

Clients today have a variety of preferences. Imagine, on one head you can have your hair relaxed, your frizz tamed with a strengthening and moisture giving keratin treatment then a full, angled layered cut topped off with Bayalage Hair Colour Techniques.


Today, a client can have whatever she wants in the area of hair style, cut, and texture. It is important though, that with all these choices, the client be well advised as to what best suits her texture, lifestyle and hair condition. This is where Salon Success excels. Each year, the Salon Success Team benefits from the latest trends in the Hair Care Industry by completing certifications given by experienced educators from all over the world. In addition, with over 40 years experience in the Beauty Industry you're guaranteed a service that meets all of your needs and desires.

Join Margaret, Portia, Bessie Ann and Rachida at Salon Success to have all of your personal hair care preferences met! Call us at 435-3423.

What’s HOT at Salon Success?

Mizani is the premier brand for ethnic hair care. At Salon Success we are able to analyse your hair and tell you which of the eight types of curl formations your hair falls into. This is done with the help of the Curl Wheel designed by Mizani. After this analysis the correct type of Treatment, Chemical and Home Care are recommended based on this innovative and effective tool. Salon Success is the local distributor for Mizani and we have available a wide range of Mizani Products for your purchase.

We would like to invite every new user of Mizani Hair Products to benefit from a special promotion just for you on your first purchase

Call us 473-435-3423, visit us write to us

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