Welcome to our March Newsletter,

Our theme this month, at Salon Success is, The Rebirth of Healthy Hair.

In the Caribbean, in general, we have two main Seasons: The Rainy Season and the Dry Season. Our Dry Season from January to May coincides with the Winter Season and the beginning of the Spring Season. While the Caribbean does experience cooler temperatures until around March, similarly we also experience the lack of moisture within the air in the Dry Season as the Winter Season brings to our northern neighbors.

This is why, at Salon Success, we focus on the rebirth of hair through moisture as an important step in the month of March for hair which has gone through a Dry Season.  This lack of moisture in our hair can also be exacerbated by the improper use of chemicals which damage the hair, the incorrect prescription of shampoos and conditioners, to suit the hair type and condition, and sometimes the tools we use on our hair. At Salon Success we ensure that we always use the safest chemicals on the market, correctly analyse and prescribe the correct products to you and use the latest technologically advanced tools on your hair.

Ensure your hair is reborn this March by visiting us at Salon Success!

At Salon Success we offer you complimentary consultations based on over 40 years’ experience in the Beauty Industry

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How does damaged hair become reborn?

The first step in finding a solution to damaged hair is finding the cause of the damage. For example, a common condition of hair after a Dry Season is that it becomes weak, limp, frizzy and unhealthy. For the last 46 years the Staff at Salon Success has continued to learn and grow in the area of hair care expertise by being exposed to education offered by the top manufacturers of hair care products, from attending continuous training provided by the experts in the Hair Care Industry and of course expertise through years of working with our Caribbean clients and guests in various Island States.

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Our solutions to damaged hair comes from the treatments which we use at Salon Success coupled with our unbeatable technical skills. Given that even the most cared for hair loses moisture and becomes frizzy, weak and unhealthy through the Dry Season we invite you to try our moisture replenishing treatments: This month we showcase the NEW! Macadamia Natural Oil Treatment. Ask us how your hair can be reborn to life by calling us at 473-435-3423 for your complimentary Moisture Consultation. 

Changes in the Beauty Industry

So now you have had your Moisture Treatment at Salon Success with exceptional results.... What about daily hair care? The Beauty Industry is becoming very specific, through product research and development, in the options which we as Professional Hair Care Specialists, are given to solve problems of the Hair and Scalp. 

That is why, with our range of high quality After-Care products at Salon Success, we can prescribe to our Guests the exact prescription for your hair care needs. For example, we have available 25 different types of Shampoos, because we know that there are no two hair & scalp conditions which are exactly similar.  Healthy Hair begins with the correct shampoo coupled with the correct shampooing techniques to suit the condition we are either trying to promote or discourage. 

The same analysis and prescriptions apply when we advise you on Conditioners and Styling Products. This is where After-Care products become important. With over 200 retail products, we will find the perfect solution to revive your hair after the Dry Season! This month we showcase the Paul Mitchell Moisture line, De Fabulous Reviver Series and the NEW! Macadamia Natural Oil retail product lines. Ask us about which After-Care product is right for you!


Personal Preferences

This is where the Brand becomes important.  We are aware that some of our Guests are partial to certain Hair Care Brands. As we know, Branding is a tool used in Advertising to connect the attributes of the consumer with the attributes of the product.

However it is important to recognize that personal preferences can change over time due to the condition of your hair and this may mean trying a new product or Brand which is recommended by our experts.

We offer you continuous, complimentary consultations to determine the current state of your hair and scalp. Yes, Branding is important to us but more important is providing you with the right care. Let us develop your Personal Preferences to always include the best solution for you!

What’s HOT at Salon Success?

Continuous education is essential to Salon Success.  During the month of February, Portia Francis, Salon Manager and Margaret Julien, Managing Director of Salon Success Ltd. attended a training seminar on leadership, given by the Business Support Center of Grenada.  The facilitator was Ian Blanchard, Action Coach Motivational Specialist. We have implemented the procedures learned at this seminar across the board at Salon Success Ltd., to all of our staff, in efforts to serve you better! We look forward to providing you with only the highest level of service care at Salon Success!

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