Welcome to our May Newsletter,

This month at Salon Success we would like to say Happy Mothers Day to all of our Mothers! 

The theme for this month is: Hair Treatments. We offer the latest advances in hair treatments at Salon Success and offer our guests every possible treatment in hair care today. 

We would like to thank our clients by giving back: During the month of May, enjoy a FREE Treatment with ANY service booked on Thursdays.Thursday hours are 8.30am to 4.30pm. We will take the last appointment @ 3pm. Say you are booked for a Shampoo & Set; we will upgrade your service to that of a Shampoo & Set AND the Treatment appropriate to your hair & scalp as our special May gift to you!

At Salon Success we offer you complimentary consultations based on over 40 years’ experience in the Beauty Industry

We look forward to seeing you at Salon Success!


Staff News

As Distributor and Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems, in Grenada, Margaret has to be on the cutting edge of product knowledge and technical training. Margaret will be away from April 25th to May 12th as she attends a Refresher Course given by Paul Mitchell, one of the leading product lines in the industry. The Refresher Course will be in Cutting and Coloring.

Changes in the Beauty Industry

Continuing our theme of Options for Natural Hair we will discuss Cysteine Complex in this Newsletter. Cysteine Complex is another innovative product developed by De Fabulous in its Amazon Series Line. Like Hair Beautox, Cysteine Complex is a completely natural product which, with the addition of heat, can make Natural Hair become straight and last even in the most humid conditions.

The active ingredient in this product is the amino acid Cysteine. Cysteine is a core strengthening amino acid which is found in the hair. The Cysteine which is used in Cysteine Complex is derived from specific plants found in the Amazon Forest. When a Cysteine Complex treatment is given to the hair, we are therefore giving back to the hair one of its most important ingredients: Protein.

We offer a FREE Consultation to anyone one wishing to make their natural hair more manageable and versatile. During this free service we explain how the process is done, how long it lasts and the benefits to the hair.

Personal Preferences

The use of oils on the hair and scalp is a process which has been around for centuries. Today, manufacturers in the Beauty Industry are recommending the use of oils derived from nuts as treatments for the hair and scalp. At Salon Success we are proud to offer you three exceptional oils for your hair and scalp:

Acai Oil, derived from the Acai Berry found in the Amazon Forest. This oil is light, moisturizing and recommended for itchy scalps and fine hair.

We also have available to you Muru Muru Oil again derived from the Muru Muru nut found in the Amazon Forest. This oil is medium weight and excellent for moisturizing coarser and thicker textures.

Macadamia oil is our third oil which we recommend. This oil is a combination of Argan and Macadamia oils. The smell and feel of this oil are amazing as it moisturizes your hair and skin, seals the cuticles tight and gives shine and body to the hair.

What’s HOT at Salon Success

Carnival is just around the corner. This year Salon Success invites all the readers of this Newsletter and its Guests to join us in celebrating Carnival by jumping with RKD and Associates!! 

The Presentation this year is “WE MAS”. Richardo Keens Douglas and his Associates have designed some creative and fun costumes! We are jumping in the Fancy Jab! section.

Registration is now open – costumes are only $390 - $410 - Please come and join us and make this carnival the greatest show on earth! For more information on RKD & Associates Carnival Band call 440 2385/459-5332 or visit us at Salon Success where you will see all the Costumes parading on our Notice Board! 

Call us 473-435-3423, visit us www.salonsuccessgrenada.com write to us salonsuccessgroup@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you soon!