Welcome to our May Newsletter,                                           

May is a very special month here at Salon Success as we celebrate with all Mother’s in the world. I would like to wish all Mother’s a very special Mother’s Day on May 11th. As a Mother myself, I thank God for the special gifts of my children and also the special gift of my Mother. My focus therefore with this month’s Newsletter  is on giving back to all Mother’s with our promotions.

I would like to congratulate my Marketing Team on developing a Facebook page to help with our visibility in Grenada, throughout the region and the world. Please take the time to become a fan of our Facebook page and to invite your friends to become fans as well!  Click the following link to become a fan of our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/salonsuccessgrenada. Look out for our daily Beauty News on this page!

In our Education news I talk about my latest trip to Toronto where I had the pleasure of visiting the Vidal Sassoon Training Institute. Details of the latest trends in hair cutting and coloring later in this Newsletter!

Our next Seminar to be held in Grenada will be on Monday June 16th which will focus on the ABC of permanent hair color by Vidal Sassoon. I look forward to seeing Hairdressers from across the country there. Please spread the word.

In our Beauty News we talk about all of our Esthetics services which you may not know about and which help you to put the finishing touches for that well groomed look.

Finally, every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday you can now have exclusive sessions with me as I discuss all of your Hair Challenges with you and then give you that beautiful Cut, Color, Style or whatever your Heart Desires!

At Salon Success we offer you complimentary consultations based on over 40 years experience in the Beauty Industry.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Salon Success! 



Margaret Fletcher-Julien


Salon Success Grenada W.I.




Our May promotions are specially designed to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to all Mothers. Treat your Mom to our Mother’s Day Specials which last almost the entire month of May! Or treat yourself as a Mother to a pampering service at Salon Success and feel good about all of your accomplishments.

Mother’s Day Specials (May 5th to May 31st 2014)

For the month of May, treat your mum to a luxurious Spa Manicure or Pedicure at 20% off the regular price!

All of our Esthetics Services (Paraffin Waxing, Eyebrow Services and Facial Waxing) are on special for Mom’s this month.

Spend $100 or more on any hair service for your Mom and get an Esthetics Service of your choice at 25% off the regular price!

If you prefer to treat your Mom to just an Esthetics Service, get any of our Esthetics Services at 20% Off the regular price.

In addition, from May 5th to 31st all Mothers get a chance to win a Gift Hamper filled with products and special services. Fill out the form and drop it in the box. This gives you a chance to win win win!

Ask us about this promotion when you visit Salon Success or call us at 435-3423 to make your appointment!


Bessie Ann Penny will be returning to Salons Success from vacation on May 7th. I welcome Bessie Ann back and look forward to her giving you the same stellar service you’re accustomed to. Portia Holmes Francis will be returning on May 14th from her vacation and I look forward to seeing Portia return healthy and ready to offer you more of her usual best!

In addition, I am going to teach Hair Beautox to Trinidadian Hairdressers from May 16th-20th 2014. Pictures and updates to follow soon.


I have recently returned from a trip to Toronto where I visited the Vidal Sassoon Training Institute. One of the many schools I have been trained at was the Vidal Sassoon Institute in Toronto in 1989. This trip exposed me, through my purchases of educational materials, to updates on the ABC of Hair Cutting and Hair Coloring. The importance of Geometric Lines in sectioning for both Color and Cutting which, harmonize the unity between the Cut and the Color, was also a part of these new educational materials.

In addition the classic, stylish interpretation of Hair for Winter 2014 to Spring 2015 was explored. Vibrant Reds are big in hair trends today and I explored how to integrate the red with the ethnic texture of Caribbean Hair.

 I look forward to sharing this new knowledge in upcoming Educational Seminar’s in Grenada on June 16th 2014. I again invite all hairdressers in Grenada and beyond to attend this Seminar. Please spread the word.

I would like to take this opportunity to also introduce our Trinidadian readers to our new de Fabulous Professional Training Program the launch of which is scheduled for May 16th 2014. Contact us at:

 http://www.successbeautydistributors.com or 473-435-3423

or Blake Batson at Body NV Business Partners in Trinidad at 868-486-2500 or 868-628-2820 to find out more about how you or your Professional Hairdresser can become de Fabulous certified.  


The Beauty of Esthetics

In this month’s Beauty News segment I introduce you to services at Salon Success which are not always in the spotlight and which are important for the upcoming Festival Season.

At Salon Success we offer you four different types of Esthetics Services, three for women and one for men. In this month’s Beauty News we’ll focus on the women’s services due to our Mother’s Day celebrations.

For complete information on our Esthetics Services please visit the following links:

http://www.salonsuccessgrenada.com/beauty-services-in-grenada-caribbean/  (Paraffin Waxing)

http://www.salonsuccessgrenada.com/beauty-services-in-grenada-west-indies/ (Eyebrow Services)

http://www.salonsuccessgrenada.com/beauty-services-in-the-caribbean/  (Facial Waxing)

Check out all of these Esthetics Services at Salon Success by calling us at 435-3423!


Supper Skinny Serum by Paul Mitchell!

* Gives shine

* Gives moisture

* Can be used on wet or dry hair

* Setting enhancer

* Blow Drying enhancer

* Non Greasy

* Comes in Travel Size and Home Care size.

* 10% off Super Skinny Serum for May.


Get your Super Skinny by Paul Mitchell at 10% off the regular price during the month of May!

Call us at 435-3423 to reserve your purchase today!

For further information on the Super Skinny Serum please see http://www.salonsuccessgrenada.com/paul-mitchell-smoothing


We would like to say thank you to Natalie Minors Evans of Bryden & Minors who over the years has shown incredible loyalty to Salon Success in both being a client a client and referring clients to us. 

We take this opportunity to promote the 'The Simple' line of skincare cosmetics for which Bryden & Minors are the local distributors. I can personally vouch for the exceptional performance of this line on all skin types. 

When my sister was diagnosed with Cancer her doctor highly recommended that she use The Simple Cleansing Bar during her chemotherapy due to the fact that it is so gentle. 

The Simple Line of cosmetics can be found in all leading Supermarkets and Drugstores.