Welcome to our July Newsletter,

The theme for this month is ‘Carnival Prep!’ We welcome all of our yearly clients to Salon Success as they visit us from all over the world for this Season. We have special promotions for July enabling you to bring your friends to us for a reduced price!

Don’t forget to ask about our partners who retail at Salon Success for the Carnival Season. From tickets to events to merchandise, we hope you enjoy the beginning of what we hope will be one of the best Carnival’s ever!

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At Salon Success we offer you complimentary consultations based on over 40 years’ experience in the Beauty Industry

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We would love you to “Tell a Friend” and “Bring a Friend”.  During the month of July, at Salon Success, we will reward you for bringing us a new client who has a service done or purchases Hair Products.  Your reward will be a Gift Certificate giving you $20.00 off your next purchase or service.  Your friend will receive the same bonus for becoming a Salon Success client.  

Staff News

On Monday July 6th 2015 the staff of Salon Success will experience “A Day of Rejuvenation”. We will be guided through topics of Goal Setting, Skills Training and Personal Development. The day will end with us bonding at one of Grenada’s many tranquil spots.

Margaret will be away, in Miami, from July 19th -29th 2015.  The purpose of her visit is to attend Training being given by Macadamia as they launch their new lines and their new Marketing Image.  Mizani will Train Margaret in their newest products and styles suited to Natural Hair.  Margaret will also attend Training being given by De Fabulous as they launch their new Remedy Curl Reducing Elixir which promises to make Natural Hair even easier to manage. 

Changes in the Beauty Industry

Manufactures of Hair Products are constantly upgrading and improving their products.  Macadamia now offers a Cleansing Conditioner, Flawless, which is made with the most moisturizing conditioners and Macadamia oil.  This soap less shampoo cleanses the hair leaving it smooth soft and completely detangled.  This is a one-step solution to cleansing the hair and scalp which improves the condition of the hair and scalp without in any way stripping the scalp and hair of its natural oils.

Mizani also has a Conditioning Cleansing product which is infused with additional oils and moisture to help Natural hair.  This is great, because as it stands, our hair as a result of its coiled nature, is usually on the dry side.

Personal Preferences

What is trendy in Hair Styling these days is “messy hair”.  The look is effortless.  The Buns, Twists, Blow Dries all have the unfinished but well done look.  Curls are big news today.  The Twister Curling Iron makes Spiral Curls very easy and attainable.  The curl is not a perfect curl as we once knew it but a type of wave which straightens at the end.  In Hairstyling today, the ends are never neat.  BUT, that is a matter of personal preference.  We still understand that some of our clients like the smooth, tidy, in place look.  We, at Salon Success are there to please YOU, and are happy to bring you your Personal Preference.

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