Welcome to our first Newsletter of the New Year!

Our Promise to You for 2016

In 2016 we promise to make sure that we satisfy as many of your needs as possible, while in the salon. How will we do that? By working with your budget for your hair care needs, by having available all of the products which you need to keep your hair lovely and healthy, by serving you in an environment which makes you comfortable and relaxed!

At Salon Success we offer you complimentary consultations based on over 40 years’ experience in the Beauty Industry

We look forward to seeing you at Salon Success!




For the next 3 months enjoy these daily promotions:

Monday Deep Cleansing Day. The Treatment Special for that day will replenish the hair with a care plan that will take care of the damage of “Beach Sunday.”

Curl Reducing Tuesday will give you the opportunity to treat your hair to Remedy, Cysteine Complex, Beautox or Kerafusion Treatments at an excitingly reduced price.

Wednesday, Relaxer Day says it all. You will be able to have your hair relaxed for a reduced price.

Thursday is Experience Day. Once you are over 60 years old we will be happy to reward your years of experience at a lower price than the regular cost of your service.

Thank God it’s Friday. Enjoy a glass of fresh local juice and if your appointment takes you into the evening you will be offered a lovely chilled glass of wine.

Saturday is Product Day. Each Saturday you can replenish your Home Care Products as you enjoy a lovely surprise product special each Saturday.

Changes in the Beauty Industry

For men and women the big wave is back! Hair has lots of movement now. The front of the hair is left much longer than the back and sides to accentuate the diversity of texture and design. This allows for a lot of change in how the hair is worn. For example, this volumous front can be spiral set, finger waved, roller set or twister ironed. The short back and sides of the man or woman can remain natural and the front relaxed, texturized or permed.

This is an exciting and creative change in the Beauty Industry!

Personal Preferences

At Salon Success we've started our Storyline Series. In addition to our valued quotes from special clients we're bringing you client experiences which showcase the value of our services at Salon Success: 

Mrs. Lyndon loves coming to Salon Success early on a Saturday Morning. She enjoys the peace and quiet of her 7.30am appointment. By 10am Mrs. Lyndon is off to the supermarket with her hair beautifully coiffured. Mrs. Lyndon told me what she appreciates most at this time is her ability to sit among the ferns and palms, outside of the reception area, while her color is being processed for the required 35 minutes.

Mrs. Lyndon usually has her feet up, as her color processes on a comfortable stool, drinks her well prepared coffee by Rachida and listens to the soothing music of the Surround Sound as it filters from the working area of Salon Success to the lush Ecological Area.

What's your Personal Preference?

Enjoy whatever you desire in Salon Success Grenada's unique Beauty Environment. 3 rooms, different themes, all catering to your special experience. Call us at 473-435-3423 to find out more about how you can enjoy your time at Salon Success!

What’s HOT at Salon Success?

Welcome to Efficient Time Usage at Salon Success.

What is that?

We understand that some guests like the opportunity to use their time at the salon to continue working. In order to help you achieve this goal we now offer you a Tablet or a Laptop Computer to work on while you are being served. Please help us to continue to meet all of your needs by telling us what your needs are.

Call us 473-435-3423, visit us www.salonsuccessgrenada.com write to us salonsuccessgroup@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you soon!