In this edition you’ll learn more about the importance of Water to your hair. Water is an essential ingredient for hair growth and for nourished, lush and supple hair.

In our education news, as we move into the last months of the year 2013 we will introduce you to our education workshops and training sessions taking place in Barbados in October 2013 and St. Lucia in November 2013.

Our promotional market for October is people with dry, cracked or brittle hair. Our De Fabulous line of hair care products is an ideal solution to this problem. For a complimentary consultation please call 435-3423 or email us at salonsuccessgroup@gmail.com.

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October Promotions:

October Promotion 1:

Get a MOISTURIZING or LIQUID MOISTURE Treatment which includes Hair and Scalp Analysis, shampooing, treatment application and moisturizing products applied to the hair for drying and styling purposes.  Get $15.00 off these results oriented treatments.

In addition, receive $15.00 off the recommended home care products to maintain the moisture levels in your hair.

October Promotion 2:

When purchased in conjunction with a Moisturizing Hair Treatment, restore moisture to your hands and feet with a full Spa Manicure or Pedicure at $10 off the regular price!



Water Loss: From Problem to Solution

Dehydration Directly Impacts Hair Growth

Water is an essential ingredient to maintain hair growth and sustain a lush, beautiful head of hair.

At home, we often use water as a cleaning agent for our hair. When the correct proportion of shampoo is used, water acts as a lubricating agent to the cleansing process.However, the most important impact of water on hair is hair growth. As human beings, without water we would not survive and the same goes for our hair!

Dehydration impacts hair growth by creating a harsh environment for our hair to grow.Without water our hair becomes dry and brittle and may even break. It is important to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, this helps keep the hair and scalp hydrated.

However, today our hair often goes through many changes and is subject to different environmental conditions which remove the natural water that lubricates us.

In order to keep hair healthy with the correct balance of water to reduce dry, brittle or braking hair, nourish your hair with hair products that have been recommended for you after a consultation by your beauty professional.


Product Of The Month: de Fabulous Amazon Series KerAcai Restorative Treatment

One of the main benefits of using the de Fabulous Amazon Series KerAcai Restorative Treatment is its focus on imparting moisture to your hair. In line with our theme of Water for the month of October I would like to introduce you to a product treatment guaranteed to bring your hair back from being dull, boring and lifeless by imparting moisture to it.

If you’re in Trinidad or Barbados consult with your certified de Fabulous beauty professional to find out how the de Fabulous Reviver series can restore the needed moisture to your hair, replenish lost protein and revitalize and restructure your hair making it healthy, shiny and silky. 

Trinidad Contact Info:

Body NV Business Partners

Tel: (868) 736-7389

Barbados Contact Info:

Penrith Distributors

Tel: 1-246-264-5786

Cell: 1-246-230-1968

Or contact us at Salon Success Grenada  at 473-435-3423 to book an appointment for a complimentary consultation


Education Update

We’re in Barbados this month to train beauty professionals in the new Hair Beautox by de Fabulous. For further information please contact us at salonsuccessgroup@gmail.com

In November we travel to St. Lucia to conduct training workshops for the full range of de Fabulous beauty solutions.

The goal of this training is to further build the relationships of SpiceIsle Beauty Institute throughout the Caribbean and to provide hairdressers with the latest advancements in the hair care industry.

The new Hair Beautox Treatment will be a central feature of this training as a one of a kind product on the hair care market, a must for all hairdressers seeking to satisfy the needs of a diverse range of clientele. Contact us at 473-435-3423 or at salonsuccessgroup@gmail.com  for further information. 

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