Using the undisputed best in colour and colour care products on the market: Paul Mitchell



Change of Colour

Want to change your Hair Color?  Visit Salon Success to do so.  We offer you an entire palette of color options.  Before we do this we give you a thorough Consultation.  We recommend options to you based on your hair type and texture.

Salon Success uses Integrity Based Color which is true to tone.  What you see is what you get and as your color lasts over the weeks it does not fade and does not leave unwanted color tones on your hair shaft.

The Salon Success Staff create Color Techniques which are stylish, fashionable and current.

Hi Lights, Low Lights, Blonde on Blonde and More

On one head we at Salon Success can create multiple creative coloring designs which are unique.

As a result of constant continuing Education by the Staff of Salon Success, we can achieve three or more types of highlights on one head.  Low lights can be mixed in between these highlights and a contrast of Complimentary Color can be introduced.

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