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Margaret Fletcher-Julien


Salon Success Grenada W.I.





Back-To-School Promotion

We at Salon Success are very aware of the positive physiological impact which healthy, beautiful hair has on our attitude to life.  This is why our “Back-to-School” Promotion is a benefit to you!

Our Back-to-School Promotion Explained:

  • Mum or Dad is a current client and brings a new client or ‘back-to-school student’ to experience a service @ Salon Success. 

  • Aunty or Uncle is a current client and brings a ‘back-to-school student’ niece or nephew to Salon Success for the first visit as a gift before school starts

  • A friend is an existing client of Salon Success and brings a ‘back-to-school student’ to have a service @ Salon Success 

In each of these situations both the client and the back-to-school student get $20.00 off whatever services they have done at Salon Success on that day. This promotion is for existing clients - who bring a new client (student) to Salon Success.

Both the existing client of Salon Success and the ‘back-to-school’ student must have services done on the same day.

Monday to Thursday only

Offer valid from September 1st 2013 to September 30th 2013

Call 435-3423 or email us at info@salonsuccessgrenada.com



Product of the Month: De Fabulous Get Closer Series

GET CLOSER SERIES by de Fabulous Distributors in Grenada: SALON SUCCESS

The get Closer Series provides to the hair and scalp a number of benefits.

When it comes to common scalp problems like hair loss, dry skin, dandruff and head lice the Get Closer series is an effective natural alternative to harsh shampoos & Conditioners.

The Get Closer series is effective in reducing dandruff, unclogging hair follicles and clearing up bacterial and fungal infections all while leaving the hair nourished and moisturized.

The peppermint in the product stimulates the scalp, increasing blood flow making this series very influential for hair growth.

Get Closer series Benefits

  • It is able to unblock the hair follicles and thus, eliminates dandruff.

  • It moisturizes the hair and scalp.

  • It prevents hair loss

  • It helps treat lice

  • It is very effective for hair growth

  • It treats psoriasis and other scalp irritations

  • The Get Closer series is your natural remedy for all your scalp aid needs.

Beauty News

Big Hair is back in style. 

Yes, lots of Layers and Definite Layers, lots of Curls and movement in the hair.  By the same token the “unstructured Bun” high up on the head is also making Grenada news.  This Bun actually looks like you did it yourself and believe me you can. Come into Salon Success let us show you how.

Hair Color is vibrant…Red& Red Orange are big news.  I can just hear some of our readers with Relaxed Hair asking” how will this change of color impact on the condition of my hair?

This is where the De Fabulous Color Guard Line comes to the rescue.  The Safe Color Guard Line of Shampoo, Hair Conditioner and Hair Treatment all contain 20% Strengthening Plant Keratin Protein. 

In addition to strengthening the hair, Color Guard by De Fabulous moisturizes the hair leaving it shiny, soft and moist.  Color Guard was especially formulated to eliminate the negative effects of hair color on chemically treated hair and to moisturize fragile, thirsty hair, anxious to receive Moisture.

Salon Success has available for your hair needs, The Color Guard /Safe Guard line of hair products by de Fabulous.  Please give us a call at 435-3423 if you would like to purchase any of the de Fabulous Line of excellent hair care products.


Salon Success will soon be introducing to its clients “Paul Mitchell SHINES XG” Demi Permanent Hair Color which is excellent for Relaxed and Chemically treated hair and comes in 52 vibrant colors.

Remember:  Just give us a call at 435 3423 to schedule your Complimentary Consultation. You can also email us at info@salonsuccessgrenada.com

Any questions which you may have for your Hair or Scalp will be answered by us.  Products which are recommended can be purchased right there @ Salon Success.  No need to wonder “Where can I get these solutions?” 

Our Education and Staff Achievement Segments are back next month - stay tuned!