The trick to hair extensions is integration. We offer you the finest hair coupled with the skill and equipment to ensure you're look is just the way you want it.




This innovative and creative service offers you increased length, vibrant color options, texture change and style changes.  At Salon Success, the Weave Service begins with an intimate chat with you.

While we talk with you we learn what your style, texture and color needs are.  We also begin to think carefully about if you need a partial weave or a full head weave.  We understand clearly what your lifestyle needs are so that we can explain to you the value of a well understood “Home Care Regime.”

Our Weave Services come with a three week guarantee. We recommend and sell all related products to ensure maximum satisfaction with your “new hair”.


At Salon Success Hair Braiding is as fascinating as sculpting. 

Time is taken to look at the head shape, the face shape and the lifestyle of the client requesting the Braiding Service. 

Since Braids are usually kept for at least one week, sometimes longer, without the hair being shampooed, we begin our Braiding service, at Salon Success with a Moisturizing Shampoo.

This is followed by a Treatment formulated to suit the nutritional needs of your hair.

We especially recommend Hair Braiding to clients who wish to rest their hair from the harsh and damaging effect of chemicals and offer advice to Mothers on the benefit of Hair Braiding for their young school age children.

Our Braiding solutions at Salon Success ensure continued healthy hair while the hair is braided.  We ensure that there is no stress put on the hair root during the braiding process as this could cause permanent damage to the hair bulb.

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