Welcome to our February Newsletter,

In this edition we focus on 'Change' as we introduce you to our alternative Newsletter format. We welcome all feedback and encourage our readers to suggest what they would like to see in upcoming editions as we transition away from the old and embrace the new. The categories for this Newsletter include: 

* Events & Seminars

* Get the Look

* Tips & Techniques

* Product Spotlight

* Men’s Grooming & Styling

* Team Spotlight

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Events & Seminars

Success Beauty Distributors Ltd are distributors for four International lines of Hair Care Products: 

Paul Mitchell, Mizani, Macadamia and De Fabulous.

These brands are forever evolving and supplying us with new and exciting products. On the second Monday of each month Salon Success Ltd. Will be the venue for Training Hairdressers to use some of these new products.

Please call us for more information on these seminars at 435-3423. We look forward to seeing you there!

Get The Look

The Pony Tail is a classic look which is now trending with a new 'twist': 

If your hair is long, brush all of your hair away from your face, and at the nape and sides, all of the hair up to the point where the front hair meets the hair from the sides and back (nape). Secure all of your hair with a fabric coated elastic band. Then use Paul Mitchell, the Conditioner, mixed with Paul Mitchell Forming Pomade to make your hair smooth and shiny:


Use this product cocktail to smooth the hair falling from the pony tail also. Using small elastic bands secure all of the hair one inch from the original fabric coated elastic band. At one inch intervals keep doing this until you have no hair left.


Spray Soft Spray, by Paul Mitchell into the palms of your hands and smooth each “bubble” of hair you have created. Return to the original bubble, slightly pull the hair in the bubble outward to the sides. This look is very trendy at this time. For visuals please click this link: https://www.google.ca/search?q=ponytail+elastic+bands+bubble&espv=2&biw=1920&bih=979&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiSi9ODz5vLAhVmroMKHexZCx4Q_AUIBigB

 Try it. Need help? Call us at 435-3423

Tips and Techniques

Did you know that your hair sheds 80-100 strands per day? This is because the hair grows in three cycles and between the Resting Cycle and the Growth Cycle there must be a shedding cycle to allow the new hairs to come through. Hair also sheds differently when the body is going through changes. If you find that you are losing more hair than usual give us a call at 435-3423. We will assess the situation with a thorough hair and scalp analysis and make recommendations. Sometimes, the correct recommendation is that you see a Medical Professional.

Product Spotlight

Moisture Stretch by Mizani is a moisturizing, leave in conditioning cream which works especially well on natural and curly hair. This product can be used for dry, brittle hair and also for unmanageable hair. It works very well on small children as it does on adults. Sometimes we have to use a combination of products to get rid of dry fly away hair but in the case of Moisture Stretch one product solves it all!


Call us at 435-3423 to sample Mizani Moisture Stretch!

Men’s Grooming

In order to prevent in-grown hairs on your face try this technique before shaving: 

Using a hot towel, encase the facial area to be shaved with the hot towel for about five minutes. Then apply Paul Mitchell shaving Cream. Leave the shaving cream to sit on your skin for a couple of minutes before beginning to shave. Always shave in the direction of hair growth.


After shaving, rinse the shaved area with warm water, towel pat and then apply an Astringent. Lime water serves as an excellent Astringent. If the Lime Water is chilled, it makes an even better astringent. Using an Astringent and cold water keeps the pores closed which stops the skin from becoming dry.

For more information on all the Men's Services we provide at Salon Success call us at 435-3423!

Team Spotlight

The Team at Salon Success Ltd is made up of the following persons: Kristian Julien-Marketing Manager, Portia Holmes Francis-Salon Manager, Bessie Ann Penny-Data Entry Supervisor, Rachida Williams-Product Specialist, Brenda Fletcher-Accounts Manager, Tricia Melville-Auditor, Lyndon Bubb-Accountant for Success Beauty Group Ltd and Margaret Julien-Manager.

This month we will feature Tricia Melville as we congratulate her on joining the Digicel Tem as their esteemed Accountant. Congratulations Tricia!

Call us 473-435-3423, visit us www.salonsuccessgrenada.com write to us salonsuccessgroup@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you soon!