Welcome to our February 2015 Newsletter,

What LOVE Means at Salon Success

February, being the month of Love, made me take time to think of how we could show more Love to our Clients.  We have a Basket of Love filled with a gift for each client who comes to Salon Success in February. All you have to do is come in for a Service or to Purchase a product, dip into the basket and VOILA choose your gift!

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At Salon Success we offer you complimentary consultations based on over 40 years’ experience in the Beauty Industry

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De Fabulous Treatment of the Month

Believe it or not, Grenada has beaten Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago in the number of people who are having De Fabulous Treatments!  Grenadians have seen the versatility, strengthening capabilities and overall improvement in the condition of their hair when they have been exposed to a De Fabulous Treatment. 

This month, in order to encourage clients to step away from the use of Harsh, Damaging Chemical Treatments we are offering a De Fabulous Treatment at $10.00 off, to every client who takes the time to Pre Book their next appointment and who keeps that appointment.

The De Fabulous Treatment of the month is Hair Beautox.  Please visit http://www.salonsuccessgrenada.com/de-fabulous-professional-treatments and learn more about Hair Beautox.

Changes in the Beauty Industry

The Beauty Industry is propelled by visuals.  Take a look at the number of Ethnic people wearing their Natural Hair Proudly.  This has caused manufacturers of Hair Care Products to create some of the most effective treatments to help us keep Natural Hair with ease and confidence. 

At Salon Success, we are proud to say that we can offer you four different types of Curl Reducing Treatments, all of which are made with active ingredients which nourish the hair while creating flexibility of style for you, the client.  Just give us a call at 473 435 3423 and an appointment will be arranged for you to have a FREE Consultation during which your Curl Reducing Options will be made clear to you.

Personal Preferences

Grey Coverage is a very personal choice.  Some people see getting grey as getting old.  Some people embrace grey hair and want to ensure that at all times the grey is clean, blue tinted, grey tinted, or whatever the personal preference, but not covered with Hair Colour. 

This is what makes Hairdressing at Salon Success such a wonderful experience.  We appreciate whatever your preference is for your grey hair.  We also offer you whatever solution is appropriate for your need.  We carry an extensive range of Semi-Permanent, Demi Permanent and Permanent colour by Paul Mitchell and for your grey hair, we have a range of natural options for you.  Our goal is your Hair Happiness.

What’s HOT at Salon Success?

We understand the importance of confidentiality at Salon Success.  This is why we have created a very private Room of Consultation.  We now conduct our Consultations on a one on one basis in the beauty and tranquillity of a private room.  Please call us for your FREE Consultation, whatever your Hair or Scalp needs.


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