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Merry Christmas to Everyone!

This festive season look and feel your best! starting with Christmas specials offered at Salon Success!

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At Salon Success we offer you complimentary consultations based on over 40 years’ experience in the Beauty Industry.

We look forward to seeing you this Christmas Season at Salon Success! 

Margaret Fletcher-Julien



Our December Promotions reflect our deep gratitude to you, our existing Guests and the new Guests which you could bring to us as a result of taking advantage of our December Specials.

From December 1st to December 18th, every Wednesday and Thursday benefit from our Two-for-One Shampoo and Set Special. Once you bring someone with you to enjoy our Shampoo and Set Special for the price of $60.00 both you and the person you bring will only pay $30.00 each for a Shampoo & Set. This Special brings savings of between $10.00 -$30.00 as the regular price for Shampoos and sets, range from $40.00 -$60.00.

Our Relaxer and Treatment Special, for $100.00, on a Wednesday and Thursday, gives savings of between $25.00 and $60.00 as the normal price ranges between $125 and $160.

These Specials are our Gifts to YOU this Christmas!

Staff News

Kemoya Jeffery is our newest addition to the Salon Success Family. Kemoya will greet you on the phone and in person, at Salon Success, and will also be instrumental in communicating with you via our on line and local Marketing Incentives.

Changes in the Beauty Industry

The time when a Guest “went to have their hair, nails or skin, just treated, at a Salon or Spa” is now gone. Service in the Beauty Industry now has to be AN EXPERIENCE. At Salon Success we create an extraordinary experience for our Guests who are no longer “Clients” but Guests . We pay attention to each Guests’ wants and needs because we have invited you to our Salon as someone would invite you to their home. This Christmas we exemplify this Experience by offering you a unique pampering experience each week for the four weeks of Christmas. Come, enjoy and experience SALON SUCCESS!

Product of the Month

Ask about our selection of over 150 retail products from our 4 major brands

Get your high quality products on SALE ONLY in DECEMBER!

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Personal Preferences

This Festive Season enjoy the options of style! The Bun is very fashionable as, on Natural Hair, it takes on the look of a fan. Perched high on the crown, the Bun is opened in a fan like appearance to span from the crown to the sides of the head just above the ears. Fascinating look! The simplicity of the French Braid is back with all of its elegance. Curly, Textured hair, whether worn short or long on a man or a woman is also very trendy this season. Let Salon Success help you create your Personal Preference!

What’s HOT at Salon Success?

In keeping with Make Up and Nail Colours, Salon Success is offering you a RAINBOW BANG. Yes, Bangs are also hot this Christmas. We can create subtle Lime Green, Burnt Orange and Sky Blue into your bangs. At work, no one will notice BUT at Night, you will stun them, that is because of the technique used at Salon Success. Let Salon Success make you the envy of your friends who would want to know. “Who does your hair?”

Call us at 1-473-435-3423, visit us at http://www.salonsuccessgrenada.com and write to us at salonsuccessgroup@gmail.com