The Personal Care Center

Eyebrow Arching

The Process

The Mirror is given to you as you lie on a comfortable massage bed.  The lovely Maple Wood louvers are open and you feel a cool, fresh breeze blowing on your face as the palm leaves sway to and fro.  This will be your experience as we prepare you for your Eye Brow Arching at Salon Success.

The Results

All of our clients repeat the experience.  They come back because the service is painless.

We take time to prepare the surface and we use the appropriate wax for the type of eyebrow hair which the client has.  We finish with either a Tea Tree Balm or a soothing Ice Pack.

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Eye Brow Tinting

Would you like to have beautifully arched thick looking eyebrows?  Are your eyebrows getting thinner as you get older? Or have you never had thick eyebrows and always wished that you had?

The answer to all of these questions lies in the fact that at Salon Success we perform an Eyebrow Tinting Service second to none.

We use Hypoallagenic eyebrow tint especially formulated for the sensitive eye area.  We apply this tint to the pre protected eyebrow area.  As the Tint is processing you will lie on a comfortable massage bed listening to soothing, relaxing music.

The service is quick and effective and you leave really feeling very happy with your thicker looking, more luxurious eyebrows.

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