Welcome to our April Newsletter,

This month Salon Success salutes Natural Hair. We know that more and more of our guests are reverting to their natural hair and this is a wonderful thing.

At Salon Success we get requests from guests who have had Relaxers and have realized that their hair texture has changed as a result of this and they want to have strong, bouncy hair again. This transition can be very challenging. We use a variety of products which give excellent results and which make the transition from Treated Hair to Natural Hair a seamless process. We also help persons who are now fully natural cope with thickness, density and the maintenance of natural hair.

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Changes in the Beauty Industry

There was a time when it was frowned upon to enter the Corporate World with an Afro Hairstyle. Today, millions of people are proud to flaunt the hair they were born with. We at Salon Success are so EXCITED about this. Remember when your own hair was referred to as “bad hair”? The only “bad hair” we see at Salon Success is hair which is uncared for and needs special treatment.

If you're a corporate star and want to go natural, we encourage you to do it and do it well with an expert Natural Hair Transition or  Natural Hair Service from Salon Success!

Personal Preferences: Two Choices from Hair Beautox


Hair Beautox is one of the Treatments which we recommend to persons who want to go natural and to persons who are natural but want to be able to have versatility of style and yet have natural hair. Special formulas are used for each circumstance.

Hair Beautox is a revolutionary treatment that uses botanical ingredients to give you the hair that you have always dreamed of. This is not a relaxer and it is not a Keratin Treatment. This product has no formaldehyde or permanent wave solution. Hair Beautox is a reparative system geared to make hair smooth and manageable in a natural state by using natural ingredients such as Acai berry oil, sweet almond oil, aloe Vera, jojoba extract, avocado oil alpha hydroxyl fruit acids and cysteine protein.


Salon Success has a menu of treatments for natural hair which varies from what the client needs to what the client wants and can afford. We also recommend the correct shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatments and oils that enhance the true texture of their hair. 

What’s HOT at Salon Success?

During the Month of April 2015, at Salon Success, we celebrate the diversity of brands as they relate to Treated hair and hair devoid of chemicals, Natural Hair. We know that Super Skinny Serum, Hair Sculpting Lotion and Foaming Pomade, mixed as a cocktail, all made by Paul Mitchell Systems, works beautifully on Natural Hair and Treated hair!

Ask about trying this new cocktail and whether it's right for you! Call us at 473-435-3423!