Welcome to our April Newsletter,

I would first like to thank all of our clients and friends who have taken the time to wish us a Happy Easter. We would also like to wish you Happy Easter and to all of our other readers as well. Our focus this month of April 2014 is taking you, our reader, to the next level in Beauty Care.

Taking you to the ‘next level’ means that we are offering you exceptional promotions for the month of April on ALL of our products. In addition, April is the launch of our NEW Marketing programs through Facebook.

I would like to thank all of our participants from our Education Seminar held on March 24th. Through this initiative we have identified new business partnerships that will benefit both Professional Hairdressers who attend our Seminar’s and Salon Success. Our next Seminar is scheduled for May. We again welcome all Beauty Professionals to contact us to book your space. Readers, tell your friends who are Hairdressers or those who may know interested Hairdressers!

In our Beauty News we talk about all those fabulous pastel hues for Nails, Lips and Makeup for Springtime! This year we’ve noticed a focus on pastels but also with a new trend of ‘Color Blocking’ your nails or face with traditional heavy reds and oranges giving you the best of both worlds. Try our selection of colors at our Nail Center where we have the latest Spring colors for you!

At Salon Success we offer you complimentary consultations based on over 40 years experience in the Beauty Industry.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Salon Success! 


Margaret Fletcher-Julien


Salon Success Grenada W.I.




Our April promotion is for everyone! Enjoy the Easter Season by keeping your hair in its finest condition with the help of our four luxury brands of hair care products: Paul Mitchell, de Fabulous, Mizani and Macadamia Natural Oil.

For the month of April, when you spend $100 or more on any hair service, get your after care hair products at 10% off the regular price!

Ask us about this promotion when you visit Salon Success or call us at 435-3423 to reserve your favorite product!


During the month of April 2014, Bessie Ann Penny will be on vacation. We wish Bessie Ann a happy vacation and look forward to seeing her upon her return.

Please note the following change from our March Newsletter: Portia Francis will be on vacation from April 21st to May 15th and not April 14th to April 28th. 


I would like to congratulate the hairdressers and my team who attended our March Seminar on The Chemistry of Hair as it relates to Hair Relaxing and Texturizing services. We succeeded in achieving our learning goals and had an enjoyable time!

There are no Educational Seminars scheduled for the month of April 2014 in Grenada. Our next Educational Seminar in Grenada will be held in May. Readers, tell your friends who are Hairdressers or those who may know interested Hairdressers! 

In other Professional Education News the Success Beauty Distributors Team (http://www.successbeautydistributors.com) will be heading to Trinidad & Tobago for De Fabulous Certification and Product Training. I would like to welcome the Vice President of Global Sales for de Fabulous, Mr. Jorge Friere, to the Caribbean as he will be joining us for our Trinidad Training. I would also like to welcome our Team from Barbados, Hazel Ann Batson and Natalie Mahy Belle, who will also be joining us at our Trinidad Training sessions.

This is a new phase in the development of Success Beauty Distributors where the program will include a change in the criteria for de Fabulous Educators as administered by myself, Margaret Julien. This new program will be implemented in Trinidad and Barbados throughout the year.   


Spring Forward

In our Beauty News segment we introduce to the benefits of taking care of your hands, feet and face as Spring arrives and new colors for nails adorn the market.

As we in the Caribbean do not experience distinct changes in season we rely mainly on our North American and European markets for changes in trend in the Hair care and Nail care Industries. This Spring is no exception where the trend moves away from the darker nail and lip and eye colors of the Winter to Pastels and Deep Color.

This season the International Beauty Industry has focused on not one but two distinct color trends. You can wear either Pastel or Nude nail colors or, expanding on last Summer’s trends, indulge yourself with Deep Color. In addition, a new trend is to ‘Color Block’ these two color trends. By this we mean you wear Pastels on the hands and feet with a Deep Color on the lips and eyes or vice versa.

Check out all of these new shades at Salon Success by calling us at 435-3423! 



de Fabulous Get Closer Series

Get Closer Scalp Aid Collection:

Sensitivity relief like no one else

Get Closer provides extraordinary relief to sensitive scalps by combining sunflower seed extracts with a unique blend owqaE3nd eliminating dryness

get closer1.jpg

Get Closer Shampoo

Contains no laurel or laureth sulfates. Nourishing proteins and cooling peppermint wake up the scalp and controls flaking and itching.  Incorporates peppermint and sunflower seed extract to rejuvenate and stimulate blood vessels for healthy hair growth.

Get Closer Conditioner

Helps repair and hydrate dry stressed scalp. Smooths, softens and leaves hair silky. Contains peppermint and comprehensive healing ingredients to reduce itching, flaking, and excess oil on scalp. Cooling sensation provides a relaxing experience.

Get Closer Scalp Aid Treatment

Rejuvenates the scalp and restores it to its healthiest state.  Controls the outbreak of dandruff and decreases itching and scalp soreness.  Incorporates peppermint, sweet almond extract, and meadow foam seed extract protein complex to add moisture and cool sensitive scalps.


Get your de Fabulous Get Closer Series at 10% off the regular price when you purchase $100 or more in services during the month of April. Call us at 435-3423 to reserve your purchase today!

For further information on de Fabulous please see http://www.successbeautydistributors.com



We would like to introduce our clients to the Business Support Center located upstairs Creative Do It Best on Bruce Street. They offer clients Accounting support, Administrative support, Business courses, IT courses and Workshops and Seminars for Business Owners, Business Managers their staff.

The Business Support Center also offers customized Workshops tailored to the specific needs of individual businesses. Salon Success has greatly benefitted from these services.

Contact Mrs Hilary Lawrence at 439-2724 for further information on how the Business Support Center can help your Business.